Inspection Fees & Contract

HomePro System 2000 Inc Inspection Fees

The following are prices for inspection services at HomePro Systems 2000, Inc.
House inspections: The first 2000 sq. feet – $515

Condo inspections: $400

Townhouse inspections: start at $450

Each extra 500 sq. feet or portion of – $30
Each crawl-space – $30
Each suite or extra kitchen – $30
Over 60 years age – $30
Commercial inspections: Fees discussed on consultation.

Consultation work is done at a rate of $120/hour.

All prices include G/HST.
There are $25 discounts for first time home buyers.

Invoices are given and payment is done in Cash, Cheque, or e-transfer.

Our company has an inspection agreement (contract) that provides important protection for the client.
The inspection agreement is emailed to the client before the inspection once your inspection time has been confirmed. This agreement needs to be signed before the inspection begins. The inspectors use DocuSign (TM), this allows the client to read the contract at their convenience and sign it electronically before the inspection begins. An email copy is automatically sent to the inspector and the client. A paper contract can still be generated and signed as needed on site before the inspection.

The Inspection Agreement  and Scope of Inspection are at these links and give you an idea of what to expect.