In today’s high priced real estate market,¬†future renovations and financial risks are a part of the consequences of buying a house,

  • we like to minimize the surprises.
  • we try to limit your risks
  • we educate you about proposed future renovations.

How can you reduce those risks by using a home inspector?

  • a home inspector looks for surface clues to identify future problems with a property.
  • a home inspector can give you unbiased advice to help you decide on the feasibility of the property purchase.
  • a home inspector can give you understanding¬† regarding the future cost of upgrades and renovations needed by a property.

Why should you choose Home Pro Systems 2000 to do your home inspection?

  • the services of an experienced home inspector with an intuitive eye to see the problems with your future purchase.
  • the services of a caring home owner who wants to give you perspective to so that you can make an informed choice.
  • the services of a personable educator regarding your future property.
  • competitive pricing.