Getting the most of your inspector

Getting ready for the inspector;
(Make the longest list of questions you can thinking of any future plans that you have for the house.)
For example:
⁃ Can this wall be moved?
⁃ Would a beam be necessary?
⁃ Would I expect to find electrical or duct work inside that wall?
⁃ Would this kitchen be easy to expand?
⁃ Would this floor be easy to make into an open concept floor plan?
⁃ What would be the best location for an extra bathroom, bedroom etc.?
⁃ How can I keep from getting ripped off by unscrupulous contractors?
⁃ What might it cost to do the following renovations (this will be an estimate only)?
⁃ Can I do this myself?
⁃ Can this carport be enclosed?
⁃ Can a deck be built here?
⁃ How do we light the pilot lights for the furnace/fireplace?
⁃ Where are the water shut off valves?

If you are getting a condo or townhouse inspection done, please read the strata minutes,  depreciation report to assess if there are any upcoming issues that will require a special assessment/levy of strata fees. Bring the report to the inspection if there are minutes that are questionable. A good inspector will love this level of interest.